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Spray Pave Job Advice
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Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd

Concrete resurfacing specialists and a fantastic business opportunity!


Why resurface concrete?    


Why a Spray Pave business?

  • Safety against slippery flooring


  • Earn up to $3,300 per week, some weeks more.
  • Increase property value.


  • Start with a low deposit, then our easy payment plan.
  • Repair and water-proof, which extends its life.


  • Work from home, around your family and fun lifestyle hours.
  • The best value for money, coating option.
  • Your R.O.I. could be less than 2 months. 
  • Be house proud and transform that ugly concrete.


  • You can work inside or outside, all seasons of the year.
  • Attract more customers if you own a business.


  • Learn 6 new trades /lifelong skills, all for one low price.
  • Your own unique, great looking, custom designed area.


  • Multi-supplier application, plus full small business mentor and marketing programmes.

Clean and seal from only $8 per sq/mt (T's&C's)


Learn all 6 new trades from only $7,000 + S.P.P.


The Spray Pave Mission Statement:-

Specialist services from professionally trained, certified and supported operators.



 A Spray Pave Business has many names:- Agency, Franchise,  Business opportunity,  Money Machine, Home business.

The correct name is a License.  

Our proven systems are designed to fast-track the right person to their dream lifestyle.

A lifestyle of high profits, independent security, flexible hours, more holidays, new friends and good times.   

Are YOU the right person?

Established 1991: Franchisees since 1998: Licensees since 2006:  

Still going strong after 25 years in 2016, helping dreams come true.

Q: If the profits are so good, can you pay off the business?   A:Yes you can! 

Licensees only forum to share lots of great information.

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Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd BOX 501 Greenacres  South Australia 5086

1800 688 888


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